November 21, 2009
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USTN is proud to sponsor a newly established soccer team called FC TURAN. Founded by Azerbaijani Americans Alasgar Farhadov and Eldar Imanverdiyev and currently comprised of 9 Azeri and 2 Turkish members, the soccer club is to represent Azerbaijani and Turkish community in the Fairfax Sportplex tournament where representatives of many Turkic ethnicities of DC area (Uyghurs, Kazakhs, Uzbeks, etc) will take part. Along with another Turkic team, Sons of Ottoman, FC TURAN will be competing with other teams to win the local cup.
Being a Turkic organization established to promote Turkism, Turkic cultures and build bridges among Turkic communities of America, USTN is dedicated to engage all Turkic groups in the process. USTN salutes FC TURAN and encourages our community to celebrate the achievements of our soccer team.
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USAN/USTN PR#11-21-2009

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