December 1, 2008

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USAN congratulates Senator Hillary Clinton on her appointment to the office of Secretary of State

The U.S. Azeris Network (USAN) would like to extend its sincere congratulations to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on her appointment for the Office of the Secretary of State of the United State of America. We are glad to see Senator Clinton accept the nomination by the President-elect Obama and take this important and challenging position in the new Administration.

Senator Clinton, who had taken a privilege to be the First Lady of the United States, is well-known as a person promoting positive changes in the social agenda of America, such as by initiating the Clinton Health Care plan, chairing the “Save America’s Treasures” program and most importantly was one of the most proactive First Ladies on international arena during her presence in the White House, during which she visited such Turkic countries as Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in 1997.

Being elected as a U.S. Senator, Hillary Clinton has served on five important Senate committees (Committee on Armed Services, Committee on Environment and Public Works, Committee on Budget, Committee on Health and Education, Labor, Pensions and Special Committee on Aging) and was the Commissioner of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE).

As the proponent for positive and immediate reforms, Senator Clinton has taken the 2008 U.S. Presidential Race to new frontiers by encouraging many new and inactive voters join in to take an active role in the American political life. With her great experience in international relations and domestic reforms, Senator Clinton has become one of the most successful politicians in the United States. This particular skill combining her experience in various spheres of social and political activity is the very reason she was proposed for this important position. It was for that reason that the USAN endorsed Senator Clinton on February 4, 2008, and later, on March 7, 2008, strongly condemned Samantha Power for her insidious remarks against Mrs. Clinton (for background, see both statements on USAN website).

The new Administration faces many challenges in the international stage, and it is a welcoming sign that the President-elect Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden are boosting the foreign policy and national security team with Senator Clinton, as well as General James Jones as National Security Adviser and retaining Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense. The Azerbaijani Americans, who have been proactively participating in the socio-political life of their country and have been engaged in the issues related to their homeland, hope that the new Secretary of State will bring about a more intense development of bilateral relations between the United States and Azerbaijan and will build upon and initiate substantial positive activeness of the U.S. in the resolution of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict by continuing the long term commitment of U.S. to territorial integrity of all parties and enforcement of international law and UN Security Council resolutions condemning aggression and demanding immediate withdrawal of all Armenian forces from the occupied Azerbaijani territories, including Nagorno-Karabakh region.

As the advocate and voice of Azerbaijani American grassroots, USAN commits to assistance to the new Administration in further developing the U.S.-Azerbaijan strategic ties and wishes Secretary Clinton success and great accomplishments in her new role.

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The U.S. Azeris Network (USAN) <> is a registered non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian genuine grassroots advocacy and voter education network that is facilitating political activism and efforts by the Azerbaijani-Americans and other Turkic-Americans and their associations, organizations, councils, conferences, and other formal, semi-formal and informal groups, on federal, state and local levels. USAN is the first nationwide grassroots organization uniting Azerbaijani-Americans, being created by the grassroots, for the grassroots.

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