As a true and genuine grassroots network, USTN sustains its operations only thanks to regular generosity on the part of Turkic-Americans such as yourself and our friends from other communities. Your contributions, no matter how modest, helps us a lot to cover our monthly costs. All our donors become members of the Board of Donors (Trustees) and receive quarterly financial reports from the USTN Treasurer, as well as special confidential reports from the Board of Directors. Of course, we guarantee that we will do everything to assure that all contributions remain private, confidential and secure – read our General Privacy Policy, along with USTN Donor (Contributor) Privacy Statement and USTN Donor Bill of Rights below for more comprehensive information (or visit our Privacy Policy Statement page for complete information).

If you can, we ask that you contribute to USTN by check or money order. This is better than donating via a credit card, which USTN also accepts, since that way we save on all the processing fees that credit card merchants charge (which amounts to no less than 5% of the contribution). Additionally, if you use or have online banking for your checking account, you can setup your bank to send your contributions automatically, every month or whichever period you choose (for example, so USTN donors setup their online checking to send their $50 contribution bi-weekly). To send your contribution, make them paybale to Turkic Network and mail to the following address:

U.S. Turkic Network
P.O. Box 76044
Washington, D.C. 20013-6044

To make your contribution to USTN online via a major credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover):

Secure online donation to USTN