US Flag USAN Accepting Applications for 2010 Winter and Summer Internship Programs on Capitol Hill (June 22, 2009)

The U.S. Azeris Network (USAN) with support from the Turkish Coalition of America (TCA), is pleased to announce its 2010 Winter and Summer Internship Program. Under this Program, USAN/TCA offer three (3) 8-week internships for American students and recent college graduates of Azerbaijani heritage to work at the offices of members of the U.S. Congress in the winter 2009-10 and the summer of 2010.
The internship program will provide an opportunity for Azerbaijani-American students to live and work in Washington DC and become exposed to U.S. governmental bodies and policy-making processes. USAN and TCA, through this program, intend to contribute to the preparation of future Azerbaijani American political leaders, and enhance the participation of the Azerbaijani-American, as well as the whole Turkic-American community, in the American political life. Read more….

US Flag USAN Visa Card First-ever Azerbaijani-American credit card — USAN Visa Platinum Card (January 31, 2009)

The U.S. Azeris Network (USAN) is pleased to announce the first-ever Azerbaijani-American credit card and world’s first Azeri credit card introduced outside of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The introduction of the USAN Visa Platinum credit card is a new milestone for the Azerbaijani-American community, which will allow to raise the awareness about the community and USAN, add prestige and greater recognition, as well as help the USAN to meet its annual fundraising goals in order to continue its grassroots advocacy for all Azerbaijani-Americans. All of this while not only being completely and 100% FREE for the creditcard holder, but also give all of the premium features with rewards expected from a Visa PLATINUM credit card (click to read more).

US Flag Washington Post statement by the U.S. Azeris Network (USAN) and the Azerbaijani-American community to President Barack Obama, Vice President Joseph Biden, State Secretary-designate Hillary Clinton and the Members of Congress (January 20, 2009)

The Washington Post has published the U.S. Azeris Network (USAN)’s special statement, congratulations and appeal to President Obama, his Administration and Members of Congress, in the Post’s January 20 special Commemorative morning edition (page AA33) and then again in an additional 500,000 copies of the newspaper in the special Inauguration edition that is printed in the afternoon of January 20, 2009 (page A37). The full statement follows:

On behalf of the Azerbaijani-American community, the U.S. Azeris Network (USAN), a non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian grassroots advocacy organization, would like to extend its profound congratulations to President Barack Obama, as well as Vice President Joseph Biden and the new Administration, particularly Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton, National Security Adviser Gen. James Jones, and other friends of the Azeri-Americans. USAN would also like to sincerely congratulate the incoming and returning Members of Congress, especially the members of the Congressional Azerbaijan Caucus (CAC).

Azerbaijani-Americans and USAN would like to pledge their support and readiness to be consulted on any issue relevant to the community and to the Caspian region by President Obama and his Administration, as well as by the Members of Congress. Azerbaijani-Americans, as well as the entire Turkic-American community, look forward to working with the new Administration and Congress, as well as state and local officials, on all issues important for the community and the country, its prestige, standing and image in the world, and to promote our cause.

As described in the statement by the Azerbaijani-American community leaders adopted on October 2, 2008 at the USAN conference in Washington, D.C., Azerbaijani-Americans recognize the need to create better understanding of the aspirations of our community by the U.S. executive and legislative branches.

Our key aspiration is the liberation of all occupied Azerbaijani lands through the peaceful resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict on the basis of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity. We believe that one of our most important objectives as a community of people tracing their heritage to Azerbaijan is to educate our government and lawmakers to assist in enhancement of the bilateral ties between Azerbaijan and the United States. Azerbaijani- Americans support the long term strategic allied relations between the United States and Azerbaijan, and we fully encourage the development of bilateral cooperation between our nation and all Turkic nations.

U.S. Azeris Network (USAN), Washington, D.C.
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Scan of the congratulations and appeal letter

Headline of Washington Post’s special edition

US Flag Statement by the Azerbaijani-American Diaspora (October 2, 2008)

Leaders and members of the Azerbaijani-American community have adopted a unified statement (read the full statement here) on the development and strengthening of bilateral relations between the United States and Azerbaijan, as well as on the role of the Azerbaijani-Americans in domestic political process during the USAN conferenceEnergy Security and Diaspora in the Development of the U.S.-Azerbaijan Strategic Allied Relations”.

US Capitol USAN CONFERENCE: “Energy Security and Diaspora in the Development of the U.S.-Azerbaijan Strategic Allied Relations”, plus CONCERT “Dance and music stars from the ancient land of Azerbaijan” (October 1-2, 2008)

On October 1-2, USAN held its high-level conference in Washington, D.C., which aimed to achieve several goals, among which to explain the crucial position of Azerbaijan as the source and transit for Caspian Basin riches, promote the U.S.-Azerbaijan strategic allied ties, and educate the Azerbaijani-Americans, the U.S. policy and decision makers, and the general American public about the issues and opportunities facing the Azerbaijani-American Diaspora as well as its historic motherland, Azerbaijan, and what the Azerbaijani-American community can do to further its common goals. The conference was held for two full days at the George Washington University (GWU). The conference was entitled: “Energy Security and Diaspora in the Development of the U.S.-Azerbaijan Strategic Allied Relations”.

USAN conference audience included about 300 people, such as U.S. policy and decision makers, former administration and elected officials, scholars and graduate students, as well as MPs, diplomats and high-level executives of SOCAR from Azerbaijan. The conference was followed by a special concert at the Kennedy Center with the “Dance and music stars from the ancient land of Azerbaijan“, performing traditional fast-paced jigit folk dances and music, as well as synthesizing Azerbaijani mugham with American jazz.

US Flag USAN co-sponsors annual Turkic Festival in Washington D.C. (October 5, 2008)

The 6th Annual Washington DC Turkish Festival was successfully held on October 5, 2008, from 10 am to 6 pm on the Pennsylvania Ave NW between 13th and 14th Streets, right across from the White House. This was the second time USAN took part in the annual Turkic Festival in Washington DC.

US Capitol Azerbaijani-Americans display unprecedented activism in the first five months of ’08! (June 18, 2008)

USAN goals and objectives are being accomplished: In just eighteen weeks, USAN members have sent out tens of thousands of faxes and emails to their elected officials and media, published six articles in regional press, setting a new record for the community. This has resulted in a greater positive activity on the Hill, with constantly growing Congressional Azerbaijan Caucus (CAC), increasing number of public statements by members of Congress, and regular communication between constituents and their elected officials. Azerbaijani-Americans have also stepped up their financial contributions and generally have become more politically pro-active.
The U.S. Azeris Network (USAN) is a non-profit, non-partisan, true grassroots organization which aims to educate, engage, energize, link and unite Azerbaijani-American voters across the political spectrum into the U.S. political process, on both Federal and State levels. USAN facilitates, eases and automates the electronic delivery of letters, petitions, action alerts and major news from Azerbaijani-American voters to their State Legislators, Assemblymen, Congressmen and Senators, as well as the U.S. media. This is especially important for the Azerbaijani-American community in the 2008 election year, when Presidential, U.S. House and Senate, and State and Local elections all are held at once.
The U.S. Azeris Network is making the first nation-wide attempt to bring all the Azerbaijani-American current and potential voters together, to educate them about the need for voting and thus voter registration, engage them into the American political debate, energize them to vote and be active on important issues facing the Azerbaijani-American community and the country at large, link and unite the Azerbaijani-American voters to speak with one vigorous voice, to be heard in Washington D.C. and state capitals, and to be recognized as an influential voice on the issues pertaining to the Azerbaijani-American voters, particularly energy security, religious tolerance, racism, NATO, EU and WTO politics, humanitarian aid and technical assistance to the strategic ally nations, taxation, social security and healthcare.
As a relatively new group of “swing” or “undecided” voters, the up to 400,000 strong Azerbaijani-American community, concentrating particularly in the states of California, New York, New Jersey and Texas, together with other Turkic communities, such as the half-million strong Turkish-American voter block, along with Iranian-Americans of Azerbaijani Turkic heritage and the Jewish-Americans (primarily Mountain Jewish) who hail from Azerbaijan, presents a great opportunity as a new force in grassroots activism and voting in U.S. politics.
Through the auspices of the U.S. Azeris Network, the voice of the Azerbaijani-Americans will be unified and strengthened. USAN is the first nationwide grassroots organization uniting Azerbaijani-Americans, being created by the grassroots, for the grassroots!

US Flag USAN opens its online store (June 6, 2008)

Visit our online store for Azerbaijani national memorabilia

USAN premiers a special online store <> with merchandise bearing its logo, as well as Azerbaijani national colors and coat of arms. Current choices include different types of apparel and hats for men and women, housewares, pins, stickers, bags and buttons. USAN will continue adding new and improved imagery to these and other choices of merchandise.
The store was opened to fill the gap for the Azerbaijani-national souvenirs, memorabilia and merchandise, to promote patriotism, belonging and collective identity of the Azerbaijani-Americans, and raise level of awareness about Azerbaijan and its people in the United States and abroad.

Everything purchased at the online store helps the Azerbaijani-American diaspora, with a small portion of all the proceeds going to USAN’s current account budget to help it sustain its ever-increasing political advocacy and voter education campaign. As always, everything is 100% secure, confidential, private, and transparent. The purchaser’s identity is protected, whilst all USAN Board members as well as Trustees and Activists will receive disclosure on the revenues from this online store, to see how much was generated, how and where it was spent.

USAN invites all Diaspora members and our friends to submit their patriotic designs for application on any or all types of available merchandise. Visit